In the News Today - October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

In rejecting the settlement of a shareholder lawsuit against Hewletter-Packard Co., a Delaware judge said "the welter of litigation challenging corporate mergers has become a systemic problem." (Wall Street Journal)

By the time New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo fills a scheduled vacancy of an associate judge seat next year, he will have appointed every member of the New York state’s highest court. While it is common for governors to nominate judges of their own party (Cuomo has appointed all Democrats), many court observers believe Mr. Cuomo should strive for greater ideological diversity on the court. (Wall Street Journal)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has appointed Judge Rebecca Bradley to the state Supreme Court to fill the term of former Justice N. Patrick Crooks, who passed away. Bradley has signaled her intention to run for the full 10-year term next year. (