In the News Today - October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016
  • TPLF Financier Launches ‘Whistleblower’ Program: Third party litigation financier, Bentham IMF, announced this week that it is launching a new program to finance so-called “whistleblower” lawsuits. Because “whistleblower” lawyers work on a contingency basis, Bentham IMF’s program “is not funding the cost of litigation but is primarily aimed at providing whistleblowers with cash while they wait for their claim to wind through court.” (Bloomberg Big Law Business)

  • Law Firm Formerly Owned by Louisiana Governor’s Executive Counsel Lands Coastal Lawsuit Deal: A law firm formerly owned by Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ executive counsel has been retained by Lafourche Parish, LA to represent the parish in litigation against the oil and gas industry over alleged coastal deterioration. “While there’s no evidence to suggest the Edwards administration played any role in getting (The Block Law Firm) hired, the governor's office has inarguably given the potentially lucrative litigation a major boost.” (WWL-TV)

  • Plaintiffs’ Lawyers in Volkswagen Litigation Sought $332 Million in Fees, Will Likely Get $175 Million: Plaintiffs’ lawyers in the Volkswagen “emissions” litigation had sought more than $332 million in legal fees, but the car manufacturer has agreed to pay much less — $175 million. The amount still needs approval of a federal judge and “covers work done on a $14.7 billion deal struck between Volkswagen, government agencies and 475,000 drivers of diesel vehicles with 2.0-liter engines.” (Wall Street Journal)