In the News Today - September 18, 2017

September 18, 2017

Study: Delaware losing edge as leading corporate litigation: Corporate law experts say Delaware’s legislature is costing Delaware its reputation as being the most business-friendly state. According to the article, corporate litigation is a significant source of income for the state, and the taxes and fees that Delaware businesses pay to the state account for a third of the state’s budget. Delaware dropped from number one to number 11 in ILR’s new “Ranking the States” survey. (Associated Press)

Consumer advocates and banking groups size up undecided Sen. Kennedy in battle over class-action lawsuit restrictions: Louisiana’s junior senator, John Kennedy, is finding himself in the middle of the battle over the CFPB’s anti-arbitration rule. Kennedy is the only Republican senator on the Senate Banking Committee that has not signed on to a bill that would reverse the rule. (The Advocate)