In The News Today - September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has submitted an amicus brief urging the Fifth Circuit not to overturn an order limiting discovery in long-running False Claims Act litigation in which "two whistleblowers allege State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. submitted fraudulent Hurricane Katrina claims to the National Flood Insurance Program", arguing that further discovery by the plaintiffs is unwarranted. (Law360)

Russell DeLeon, “an American transplant in Gibraltar who made a fortune in the online gambling industry,” helped finance Ecuador’s lawsuit against Chevron, reports BusinessWeek’s Paul M. Barrett. That suit, which resulted in a $19 billion judgement for Ecuador in 2011, was later ruled to be “an elaborate racketeering conspiracy.” DeLeon reportedly attended Harvard Law School with Steven Donziger, the plaintiffs’ attorney who led the litigation. Chevron, writes Barrett, “sued DeLeon for backing the suit,” and DeLeon has now “filed counter-claims against Chevron for damaging his reputation.” (Business Week)