In the News

September 18, 2013

The world’s biggest litigation funder, Burford Capital, announced a 41% increase in operating income from last year. Burford also disclosed it currently has $266 million invested in 29 litigation financing operations.  American Lawyer

JP Morgan is prepared to pay up to $800 million to settle the “London Whale” case, but could still face investigations from the Consumer Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and prosecutors in Manhattan.  Wall Street Journal ($)

Novartis has opened an internal investigation into possible Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations in China, the second probe in the last two months.  Main Justice

BP says an investigation by former FBI Director Louis Freeh shows a lawyer assigned to administer the gulf oil spill settlement took a $40,000 kickback in exchange for quickly resolving an $8 million claim.  Louisiana Record