Reuters Highlights the Need to Revisit TCPA Regulations

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February 04, 2015

As we reported yesterday, the Institute for Legal Reform has collaborated with dozens of business groups in writing a letter to the FCC, urging them to revisit outdated TCPA regulations.

Today, in a Reuter’s opinion piece, Alison Frankel highlights TCPA abuse, which leads to frivolous class action lawsuits. Over just a five-year period the number of TCPA lawsuits has skyrocketed from “only 39 TCPA lawsuits” to 2,336 cases in 2014.

The article quotes the letter to the FCC, which submits that, "The defendants in these cases are no longer just the telemarketers that Congress targeted; they are businesses, big and small alike, forced to choose between settling the case or spending significant money defending an action where the alleged statutory damages may be in the millions, or even billions, of dollars."

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