"Keep Reforming Missouri Lawsuit Abuse in 2018"

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February 05, 2018

An op-ed from Manhattan Institute leaders called on Missouri legislators to “build on last year’s successes” to rid the state of “its ‘Sue Me State’ reputation.”

James R. Copland and Rafael A. Mangual of the Manhattan Institute said Missouri’s legal system has “become synonymous with frivolous lawsuits and outrageous verdicts.” They pointed to the state’s 49th out of 50 ranking on ILR’s 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey as an example. Last year, a number of laws were passed in an effort to bring Missouri’s legal system into the norm. 

Copland and Mangual said this “positive momentum” gives the state a chance to tackle even more issues, including venue and deceptive practices laws, judicial selection, and asbestos litigation.