Lawsuit Filed in Philadelphia Lacks a Pennsylvania Connection

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September 04, 2018

A lawsuit currently pending before the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas was filed on behalf of 41 sugarcane plantation workers from the Dominican Republic, Legal Newsline reports in Forbes.

The lawsuit, which alleges that the workers were injured by pesticides, originally listed six defendant companies, only one of which is located in Pennsylvania. However, that company was dismissed from the suit, which left only companies from Florida as defendants. Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform Executive Director Curt Schroder said, in addition to the lack of a Pennsylvania defendant, the state does not have jurisdiction over alleged harms that occurred in other countries.

Philadelphia courts have long been a popular venue for out-of-state plaintiffs. According to the article, recently released statistics from the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas' Complex Litigation Center showed that 84 percent of pharmaceutical case plaintiffs were not Pennsylvania residents.