"Legal Reform in the Treasure State"

March 07, 2018

In a Helena Independent Record op-ed, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform Executive Vice President Harold Kim said Montana’s “businesses and citizens deserve a lawsuit climate” to match the state’s “reputation for fair dealing and clear-headed reasoning.”

Kim noted the Treasure State’s climb in ILR’s Lawsuit Climate Survey. In 2004, Montana ranked 43 out of 50. Last year, it jumped to 27. A major reason for the state’s improvement is its turnaround on meaningful venue requirements. These were strengthened thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2017 decision to overturn a Montana Supreme Court ruling that would have allowed the state’s courts to rule on a federal liability law.

Despite the stronger venue requirements, there is much work left to be done. Kim said further growth in the lawsuit climate rankings requires a “continued commitment to maintain a fair and rational system of law.”