Louisiana Lawsuits Are "Failing Miserably" To Achieve Stated Goal

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August 12, 2019

An energy industry consultant wrote in Forbes that the decades-long litigation against energy companies in Louisiana has been “failing miserably” when it comes to achieving its goal of restoring the state’s wetlands.

David Blackmon said the lawsuits against energy companies over their alleged contribution to land erosion have not resulted in any money gained for restoration projects, but rather has only been successful in “depressing the state’s oil and gas sector and in enriching plaintiffs' firms.” He said Louisiana’s courts “have long provided friendly, fertile ground for plaintiff trial lawyer firms looking to bring class action suits on a contingency-fee basis” even though state agencies have listed other factors that have also contributed to the land loss.

Blackmon cited a paper released by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform last week that said the litigation threatens the energy industry’s presence in the state, which has been Louisiana’s largest employer. “Litigation vs. Restoration” outlines the history of the litigation and offers alternative solutions.