Slack-Fill Lawsuits Continue to Clog Courts

August 03, 2017

Slack-fill lawsuits continue to be an issue across the states, with U.S. District Court judges denying motions by Just Born, Inc. and Ferrara Candy Co. to dismiss separate theater-box slack-fill lawsuits, writes Candy Industry.

In February, a Missouri resident filed a class-action suit against Just Born Inc. claiming the companies Hot Tamales and Mike and Ikes boxes were misleading, since they were about two-thirds full of candy. That same month, a California resident filed a class action complaint against Ferrara Candy alleging the Jujyfruits box was deceptive since it was only 60 percent full.

Earlier this year, Jelly Belly was sued by a woman in California for allegedly misrepresenting Jelly Beans as a healthy snack writes Forbes/Legal Newsline. Jelly Belly has since filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit calling it “nonsense.”