The Wall Street Journal: Stopping a Lawsuit Epidemic

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April 24, 2020

The world has not seen a pandemic like the coronavirus in a century. It will cost millions of Americans their jobs and tens of thousands of Americans their lives. While our nation struggles to address this pandemic and the recession it has created, we also face the possibility of a “lawsuit epidemic,” according to an editorial in The Wall Street Journal. 

As the Journal writes, due to COVID-19 related stay at home orders, media consumption is at an all-time high, and the plaintiff bar is using that to their advantage by airing thousands of advertisements seeking clients. With America being inundated with these ads, it is likely that we will see a wave of COVID-19 related lawsuits. These lawsuits will cripple our nation’s economic recovery, and so it falls to Congress to ensure those businesses and healthcare workers operating in good faith aren’t rewarded with a lawsuit.