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South Carolina is ranked #34 in the 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States, improving two positions from 2015. The state had double digit improvements in three of the ten key element categories: having and enforcing meaningful venue requirements, damages, and judges' competence.

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  1. Some Politicians Agree to Return Donations from Boston Asbestos Plaintiffs' Firm; Others Await Results of Investigation

    November 04, 2016 | News and Blog

    A federal investigation into the Boston-based Thornton Law Firm is officially underway for allegedly systematically paying ‘bonuses' to partners that matched their campaign donations to lawsuit-friendly politicians. Since the Boston Globe broke the story, at least 21 politicians have said they would return or give away "more than $600,000 in donations."... Read More

  2. In the News Today - October 11, 2016

    October 11, 2016 | News and Blog

    South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson joined six state attorneys general in signing on to a letter opposing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposed anti-arbitration rule.... Read More

  3. In the News Today -- August 6, 2016

    August 05, 2016 | News and Blog

    Palmetto Business Daily highlights U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy's (R-SC) co-sponsorship of H.R. 5063, the Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act of 2016. ... Read More

  4. In the News Today -- August 3, 2016

    August 03, 2016 | News and Blog

    North Charleston, SC-based Deaton law firm was second among a list of firms for the average number of defendants in an asbestos suit, according to a report by KCIC and Bates White.... Read More

  5. SC Columnist Notes ILR's Lawsuit Climate Survey in Assessment of State's Business Climate

    July 26, 2016 | News and Blog

    Writing in the Aiken (SC) Standard, columnist Gary Bunker cites ILR's 2015 Lawsuit Climate: Ranking the States survey saying that, "South Carolina's liability system score, compiled by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform, is a poor 36 out of 50." ... Read More

  6. Analysis: Top Asbestos Plaintiffs Firms Name As Many as 300 Defendants Per Suit

    June 28, 2016 | News and Blog

    A new analysis of data compiled by KCIC and Bates White found that the average number of defendants in lawsuits filed by a single Charleston, West Virginia law firm - The Segal Firm - surpassed 280, reports Legal Newsline/Forbes.... Read More

  7. In the News Today - April 7, 2016

    April 07, 2016 | News and Blog

    Madison County's High Number of Out-of-County Asbestos Filings Highlighted: In 2015, only six of 1,224 asbestos lawsuits (less than 1 percent) filed in Madison County, IL were on behalf of the county's residents. ... Read More

  8. In the News Today - February 16, 2016

    February 16, 2016 | News and Blog

    Pending SCOTUS Cases in Wake of Scalia's Passing: Dozens of cases remain pending in the U.S. Supreme Court following the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, including two of particular importance to ILR and the U.S. Chamber. In Tyson Foods v Bouaphakeo, the Court will decide whether "plaintiffs can use statistical models based on a sample of plaintiffs to establish that a bigger group of people can be harmed." In Spokeo v. Robins, the Court will decide if plaintiffs must show harm to bring a lawsuit in the first place. (CNN Money)... Read More

  9. State Civil Justice Groups Highlight Need to Pass FACT Act

    February 02, 2016 | News and Blog

    Palmetto Business Daily highlights support for the FACT Act from South Carolina's civil justice group, also noting that U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will hold a hearing on the bill tomorrow.... Read More

  10. In the News Today - December 1, 2015

    December 01, 2015 | News and Blog

    Silver 'Executed the Agenda" of the Trial Bar: "As we have been saying for years, Sheldon Silver's ‘income' was nothing more than a political payment to ensure he executed the agenda of the trial lawyers who paid him," said Tom Stebbins, executive director, Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (Poughkeepsie Journal)... Read More